GSP 261 Week 3 Update

This week I took a step forward and started creating my vehicle in 3DS Max. From the beginning of the project, my appreciation for artists grew even more. I started by creating two planes in which I added a bitmap of the vehicle I drew last week. From there I was able to have a visual guide to help me when I started off. I created a basic box primitive and started sculpting the box into a rough image of the truck.

At the beginning, I was mainly extruding the existing polygons to form the block like vehicle. I ran into a roadblock when I needed to create details like the wheel fenders. I didn’t truly know how I was going to mold those details unto the mesh. Luckily, the video tutorials had an answer and I just had to segment the mesh by connecting edges together with the connect tool. From there it was just a matter of taking my time to ensure the new design is in the proper location and dimensions. I felt that I spent too much time on the fenders as once I create the wheels and placed them on the object, I had to redefine the placement of the fenders. The second time around was a lot easier.


The wheels and headlights were very easy to create. I used a torus primitive for the wheels and a cone primitive for the headlights. From there all I had to do was just set the properties to the dimensions I desired.



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