GSP 261 Week 3 Update

What a week so far! I was able to complete the iLab and thought I was almost completed with this week’s portion of the project. Man was I wrong! If I learned anything this week it’s that you really have to take your time with your models! If you mess something up early on, it could cost you hours of time trying to fix it. That is essentially what happened to me these last two days.

Once I figured out the ropes in uvw unwrapping, I was able to create those quite easily. Creating the textures with Gimp was pretty straightforward however time consuming. Placing those newly created textures on your project and seeing the fruits of your labor made it worth it though. However, once I exported my vehicle and tried importing it to Unreal Engine 4, it all started to unravel!

I started my vehicle early on in the course and was just sculpting away, not really knowing what I was doing or really paying THAT close attention to ensure all the vertices lined up correctly, or that the geometry were quads. The vehicle rendered great in 3DS Max however once ported to the game engine there were multiple missing faces to the vehicle. I had no idea what happened, much less how to fix it. So I started digging through documentation, forums, and tutorials however nothing really provided and answer. So I started to troubleshoot.

Changing the export settings or import settings didn’t make too much of a difference for my mesh. At that point, I knew it had something do due with how I created the mesh. If it didn’t take me so long to model; if I were more experienced; or if the model it wasn’t due the next day; I would have junked the mesh altogether and started from scratch. But I couldn’t, so I moved on trying to correct my mistakes.

I took noticed on were the missing faces were located and went back into 3DS Max. I was able to see where my sloppiness messed with the mesh. I went to work fixing edges and vertices until I thought the problem was fixed. I ported the newly modified mesh and I fixed the issues! Then spotted another one! So back to fixing and then porting as the process lasted for the better part of a few hours. Finally, I have something that I feel confident will work for me.



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