GSP 261 Final Cinematic

We have come to the conclusion of this course. With that comes my final build for my end of course project. I believe I created a piece that holds true to what my initial design concept was. I wanted to create an introduction to a fierce battle. I wanted to create a subtle atmosphere with the music. I wanted to highlight the horrors of war through character death and destruction of the player’s fraction. In the end, I think I found the balance. Hope you enjoy the piece!


GSP 261 Week 7 Update

After eight weeks of learning new systems and creating my end of course project, I think I finally have the bulk of the work completed with my cinematic. All I should have left to do know is do a bit of polishing and touching up. If I had more time, I would love to create a better looking character (that was my first attempt at creating a character after all!). On the whole, I am pleased with all the systems I learned throughout this course. Continue reading

GSP 261 Week 6 Update

This week’s iLab was fairly straightforward with porting my assets over to Unreal Engine 4. The issue I had with multiple copies of static meshes added when I imported animations were due to my forgetting to uncheck the import mesh checkbox. After I fixed that mistake I turned my attention to creating my audio content. My Professor recommended as an audio resource. On the site I was able to gather several background and sound effect .wav files that I believe will fit nicely in my project. I just have to make a couple of small changes using Audacity first.

GSP 261 Week 4 Update

With the base model of my character complete, it’s time to create textures to fill him out. I went with a camouflage pattern for the character’s outfit to include black “boots.” For the face I decided to create something along the line of Minecraft because of the “blockiness” of the head. I am truly amazed on what talented people can create utilizing these tools. Continue reading

GSP 261 Week 4 Update

I started off a little late this week than when I would have wanted to; however, after what I thought was a fairly successful week, I g0t to jump back on and take a stab on creating a 3D model character. A review of the lab instructions seem straightforward however it was still a little challenge creating this “simple” character. Continue reading

GSP 261 Week 3 Update

What a week so far! I was able to complete the iLab and thought I was almost completed with this week’s portion of the project. Man was I wrong! If I learned anything this week it’s that you really have to take your time with your models! If you mess something up early on, it could cost you hours of time trying to fix it. That is essentially what happened to me these last two days. Continue reading