GSP 261 Week 7 Update

This is a peak of my project level so far. Not much however I am learning quite a bit during the entire creation process. I learned a lot more of what not to do, to be honest, however that’s still learning something! Right now I have a movable player character however I am working on blending my character animations when he moves. Continue reading


GSP 261 Week 6 Update

I wanted to get a head start on my cinematic so I began messing around with the matinee feature in Unreal Engine 4. It does look a bit tricky however after watching some videos and reviewing the documentation, I believe I am beginning to develop a foundation of the basics. What I have so far is nothing special however it is my first stab on directing a cinematic. It is still a huge work in progress.   Continue reading

GSP 261 Week 5 Update

I found out that refining the CAT animation presets can be a time consuming process. Guess no one really said it was easy. I’m sure once I get a better grasp on what each tool manipulates the entire process would go quicker. Just like the walk animation, the run animation preset had some funky looking movements. I was able to move the bones and bend angles to what I think is a reasonable looking run animation. Something is still off though. I think it’s the the arm movement. Continue reading

GSP 261 Week 5 Update

I wanted to get started early on the assignments as I believe this week will really give me a run for my money. I had to review a lot of documentation and videos on how to use the CAT kit on 3DS Max. The docs have a link to video tutorials that are very beneficial. The learning curve with animation has been fairly steep however I think I am getting a handle on what the basic properties are and can manipulate the animation to what I want. I have to keep in mind that I am learning the process and not developing the next “big hit.” Everyone is beginner at one point! Continue reading

GSP 261 Week 4 Update

With my character completed, it was time to port it to Unreal Engine 4. Because of its simplistic low polygon count, it imported with no issues except from scaling. I had to scale it in order to get a proper proportion against the vehicle. Once I had my scale to where I wanted, I started to do some research on how to animate the meshes. That’s what I will be working on for the time being.

Unreal Engine Port

Virtuals Worlds can be Worth the Time

Online gaming has been on the rise of late and I for one am happy for it.  The fact that virtual worlds are enabling people to get together in different ways is beneficial to just about anyone however more so for shy individuals with social anxieties.  I believe that most shy gamers prefer online social interactions over real life situations, use online social environments to establish and maintain relationships, and that the creation of such environments should not be taboo because of any social stigmas that are present.  Online virtual worlds are enabling shy individuals, such as me, to socialize who would otherwise shy away from any social interactions that would lead them towards isolation. Continue reading